Table-top gaming for all!

Games for the Community is an organization dedicated to providing safe and fun events to play table top games for the purposes of strengthening our community, promoting learning through play and outreach to differently abled members of our community. 

Core Values: 

  • Diversity - We accept, teach, learn from, and play with all people, embracing similarities and differences alike
  • Inclusion - We seek to engage with all members of the community interested in table top gaming embracing a "no gamer left behind" mentality
  • Respect - We foster an environment of mutual respect and appreciate the value all members of the community offer
  • Fun! - Above all, Games for the Community seeks to create more fun for everyone in the community

help Out


As a grassroots not for profit organization, Games of the Community depends upon people like you to provide the much needed support so that we may continue to host events and extend outreach to all members of the community.